What are the faults that Liftking Forklifts are prone to at different times?

1. The failure characteristics of the Liftking FD30T diesel forklift in the early stage of use

In the initial stage of use (equivalent to the running-in period), the failure rate of the Liftking FD30T diesel forklift is from high to low (declining curve). The level of failure rate in the initial stage of use is related to the quality of manufacturing or maintenance and the use during the running-in period.

If the Liftking FD30T diesel forklift is manufactured or repaired with high quality, it can be used and maintained correctly. Then, the initial failure rate is low. Otherwise, the early failure rate will be high.

Early failures are mostly loose or loose coupling bolts; loose or loose pipe joints: residual metal chips or casting sand can easily block the oil passage or be caught in relative motion friction to strain the parts (such as the actuator cylinder in the hydraulic system) Causes oil leakage, the adjusted gap or pressure changes, so that the machine cannot perform the specified capacity, and some joints leak water, oil, air, etc. due to loose bolts.

2. The fault characteristics of the Liftking FD30T diesel forklift during normal use

After the Liftking FD30T diesel forklift‘s running-in period ends, it enters the normal use stage. Liftking FD30T diesel forklift trucks run in this stage, as long as they are maintained and used correctly according to regulations, they will generally not fail. Even if they fail, they are also random failures (this kind of failure is concealed and difficult to find during maintenance or inspection), so the failure rate is very low, the curve rises slightly.

If the forklift fails during the normal use period, it is mostly accidental or caused by improper use and maintenance.

3. The breakdown characteristics of the forklift near the overhaul period

When the Liftking FD30T diesel forklift is used close to the overhaul period, the loss of each component increases and the technical condition deteriorates.

The faults at this stage are characterized by a high failure rate, and they are common. Most of them are caused by excessive wear and aging of parts. There are more blocking, leaking, and bad phenomena in the oil circuit.

4. Failure characteristics of Liftking FD30T diesel forklift in different seasons

The Liftking FD30T diesel forklift failure rate is related to the season. When the machine is used at low temperature in winter, the failure rate is higher than that in summer. For example, fuel supply is often poorly atomized due to low temperature in winter.

The fuel is easy to solidify and the oil circuit is blocked and it is not easy to start or the engine is turned off when the engine is running. The lubricating oil has poor fluidity, which accelerates the wear of parts; The battery leaks, which makes the engine difficult to start, unreliable braking, and abnormal fluid transmission, etc.


Post time: Aug-20-2020

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