Simple and Easy Tips to Reduce the Cost of Lift King Forklifts

In the use of Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift trucks, due to changes in the internal structure and external factors, the internal parts of the vehicle will be subject to wear, looseness, deformation, etc., which will easily lead to accidental failures in the long term, and there will even be serious safety problems, while greatly improving The cost of using Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklifts.

Therefore, users have paid more and more attention to the maintenance in the use of Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklifts. Scientific and reasonable maintenance can not only effectively extend the life of the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklifts, but also guarantee safe work. It can keep your forklift in the best working condition at any time, thereby reduce the cost of use. And in some work, the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift is almost in 24-hour work. How can we perform simple maintenance on the forklift to ensure efficiency and reduce usage costs?


1. Frequent replacement of tires that are easy to wear is a must. Because the sports car is working at full capacity on the field, the tire wear is very serious. Therefore, the tire must be replaced for a period of the race to continue the race. The Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklifts is the same. Excessive wear or damage of the tire will make the forklift unstable during the work process, resulting in huge Vibration, this has great damage to the electrical system and hydraulic system. Therefore, we must replace the worn tires in time, so as not to cause other failures and increase the cost of use.

2. Keep the working environment of the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift clean and pay attention to the cleaning of the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift itself. The working environment of forklifts often has some debris such as wooden pallet fragments, plastic wrap, garbage, rags, production waste, etc. If these debris are entangled on fork wheels or tires, especially the Polyamide tires used by trucks, etc. It will have a profound impact on work efficiency, so check more to remove the impact of these debris on forklift work in time, and often clean the floor of the forklift workplace, and even consider using plastic pallets or metal pallets instead of wooden pallets.

3. Add hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in time. Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift machinery needs more maintenance. Insufficient hydraulic oil will cause the forklift to fail to reach its rated height and rated load, which will affect work efficiency; drain the oil-water separator in time, with the improvement of national environmental protection requirements, all internal combustion forklifts are equipped with oil-water separators. If the water in the oil-water separator is not discharged in time, serious engine damage will be directly caused.

4. Operate the forklift in accordance with the forklift operation manual, and do not misoperation. Misoperation may damage the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift at a slight level, and cause a forklift accident in severe cases.

5. To reduce impact damage, pay attention to excessively narrow aisles. It is best to arrange for a well-trained forklift driver to work in such an environment, and pay attention to the surrounding environment and various vehicle indicators to avoid collision accidents.

6. Take more time to train your forklift operators and teach them safety knowledge. This can reduce the damage rate to the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift itself and the goods, and it can also greatly reduce the forklift failure rate and the probability of accidents.

7. Arrange preventive maintenance. It is best to formulate a maintenance plan and maintain the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift regularly. In the long run, developing a maintenance plan and implementing them can save a lot of money, prevent major component failures, and eliminate many expensive Maintenance costs extend your fork life.

8. It is necessary to have a strict forklift management system. When the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift is not in use, please remove the key to avoid unnecessary damage caused by misoperation by other non-operators. To tell the operator that during the working process, for some narrow aisles, you must first get off the vehicle and measure the width of the aisle to estimate whether the forklift and the goods can pass safely.

9. After working every day, take a moment to listen to the “sound” of the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift. Since the forklift is often at full capacity, to ensure that it can work normally the next day, please listen to the sound of the forklift to ensure that it is Normal, can I continue to use it tomorrow.

10. Training of battery maintenance and battery charging is necessary. Forklift batteries are very important. Most of the batteries currently in use are not maintenance-free and lead-acid batteries, which require special personnel to maintain. Pay attention to checking the distilled water of the Lift King CPCD20 Diesel Forklift from time to time. The charger should be cut off in time after charging, otherwise it will cause damage to the charger. Due to the particularity of the battery, it is best to train your forklift operators to avoid expensive repair costs due to improper maintenance of the battery.


Post time: Sep-11-2020

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