9 Point Failures and Troubleshooting Methods of Lift

King CDD15C-25 Full Electric Stacker

Today’s full electric pallet trucks have taken a place in the vast market. As the number of companies using electric pallet trucks in the market increases, they are increasingly worried about the failure of electric pallet trucks in use. How to effectively avoid or eliminate hidden troubles has also become a problem for business owners.

According to such problems, we deliberately collected and summarized some problems that are prone to occur during the use of electric pallet trucks and how to solve and eliminate such problems in the communication and discussion with the company’s engineering.


Trouble phenomenon and troubleshooting method of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker:


● Shaking of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker during lifting

1. There is air in the lifting cylinder, which can be solved by multiple loading and lifting method exhaust.

2. Oil leakage in hydraulic system, repair and replace oil seal and hydraulic cylinder.


● Self-descent of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker when there is load

1. If there is oil leakage in the oil pipe or oil circuit joint, the seal can be replaced.

2. Electromagnetic, manual reversing valves, check valves are stuck with dirt or the sealing ring is worn, resulting in internal leakage.

Treatment method: clean the valve block and replace the seal.


● Lifting speed of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker is too slow or unable to lift

1. The oil tank is short of oil, and hydraulic oil needs to be refilled or replaced completely.

2. The pressure of the overflow valve is insufficient, readjust it.

3. Excessive wear of the oil pump causes internal leakage and needs to be replaced.

4. Electromagnetic, manual reversing valve, one-way valve, safety valve wear or seal wear and aging, need to be updated.

5. The hydraulic oil temperature is too high for a long time. The hydraulic oil has deteriorated and its viscosity has dropped and leaked. Replace the hydraulic oil.


● The driving wheel produces abnormal noise when Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker walking

1. Mixed with hard impurities in the lubricant, renew the lubricant

2. The bearing of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker is excessively worn or damaged and needs to be replaced.

● Brake failure of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker

1. The control circuit of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker is not disconnected, check the control system.

2. The brake friction lining is worn, replace it.


● Not move at all.

1. Check whether the electric door lock of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker is open or broken.

2. Whether the battery has electricity, the battery is insufficient, and the battery is supplemented.


● Cannot move forward or backward

1. The battery power is insufficient, and the power is supplemented.

2. The walking control micro switch of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker is loosened and the screw is tightened.

3. The DC contactor of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker fails, repair and replace.

4. The electronic control board is damaged, repair and replace.

5. Drive motor failure, check and repair.

6. The brakes are locked, adjust the distance of the drive wheel brake pads.


● The battery life of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker is short and cannot be charged

1. Insufficient battery solution, add distilled water or lead-acid water

2. The battery is aging, replace with a new battery.

3. Poor contact of the power socket, trim the contact surface.

4. If the battery is seriously broken or damaged, replace the unified battery.


● The charger of Lift King CDD15C-25 Electric Stacker does not work

1. There is no display on the charger and the capacitive breaker is blown

2. The charger power light is on, the internal capacitor breaker is open or resistive, and the rectifier is damaged.

Post time: Sep-04-2020

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